Tuesdays 6:00pm to 7:00pm

A fun program for children between 5 yrs to 8 yrs. Keas is a simple and flexible program where We SHARE we CARE we DISCOVER we GROW.

Activities are based on a national programme that includes crafts, sports, games, cooking and much more either indoors or outdoors.

Kea Badge

The Kea Badge covers the first two weeks in a Kea Club. It is designed to give Keas a basic understanding of the section and introduce other Keas. It is awarded when a Kea is invested as a member of SCOUTS New Zealand.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels

There are three levels of the Award Scheme to be achieved whilst a youth member is in the Kea Section. The Award Scheme is based on participation and is not competitive.

The Bronze Kea Award is generally completed after 6 weeks. The Silver Kea Award is generally completed towards the end of the first year a youth member is in the section. The Gold Kea Award is generally completed towards the end of the second year a youth member is in the section.

Personal Challenge Awards

There are a range of Awards which any Kea can work to earn at any time. These are the Personal Challenge awards. You can see the list of Personal Challenges in the Award Book (see below).

To be awarded a badge, the Kea Scout needs to:

  • Complete the tasks listed for that Award
  • Obtain evidence of their work. This may be having photographs of them performing the tasks, or having a parent or teach sign the book in the appropriate place. Some tasks require them to make a poster or piece of artwork.
  • Bring the evidence (photographs, signed book, artwork, etc) in to the den and show it to a Leader. They may then be asked some questions about what they have done, or even asked to show it to the rest of the Keas if it is exceptionally good.
  • When the requisite tasks have been completed, they will be awarded their badge at the closing ceremony (and parents can take a photograph if they wish).