Thursday 6:30 – 8pm

Our Cub Packs offer learning programmes where children are encouraged to experience, experiment, and explore.

As a Cub you will:

  • have lots of fun taking part in awesome activities like outdoor adventures, camping, bushwalking, outdoor cooking, expeditions, helping your Community, play games and making lots of friends.
  • have the chance to earn Personal Challenge Badges like Swimming, Hobbies, Pet Keeper, Scientist and Fishing, and each year of Cubs you can work towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.
  • be able to work towards the premier Outdoor Adventure Award.

Cub Badge
A Kea moving to Cubs or a new entrant needs to learn about the Cub Section. The Cub Badge covers that introductory knowledge.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels
The award scheme is based on participating in activities and “learning by doing”. It has three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) based on the programme cornerstones, each of which is made up of four sections. The Cornerstones are:

  • Outdoors,
  • Community,
  • Personal Development,
  • New Experiences.

To earn each level of the Core Award, Cubs need to complete:

  • Three activities in each of the sections of the “Outdoors”, “Community” and “Personal Development” cornerstones;
  • One activity in each section of the “New Experiences” cornerstone.

Outline of Cubs Award Scheme
The Cub Section Award Scheme is effectively a link between the Kea and Scout schemes. It moves the emphasis from participation towards proficiency in skills and activities.